Hailing from Italy

Elba is owned by Fisher & Paykel, recognised as one of the world's most innovative appliance companies.

All Elba gas cooktops & free-standing cookers are made at our purpose-built factory in the small, picturesque town of Borso del Grappa, 60km north of Venice and in the foothills of the World Heritage Dolomite Ranges.

The origins of the Elba brand date back to the 1950s, when Elio Baggio set up a successful enamelling plant for other manufacturers. Elio was so good at it, that by 1960 he was making free-standing cookers for the local market, and within two decades Elba was exporting nearly 100,000 cookers around the world. In 1987, Elio sold his business to De Longhi.

Since buying the Elba brand in 2006, Fisher & Paykel has done what it does best - invested heavily in research, design and product development to create appliances that the world loves.

The result is a happy meeting of European design flair, Australasian insistence on reliability, and affordability. It has proved a winning combination: nearly 400,000 Elba products leave the manufacturing facilities every year, destined for consumers across every continent.